Stories Of Free MMORPG PS4 Caravans To Play In September

Caravan Stories, developed by Aiming Inc., is an anime-inspired MMORPG that has existed in Japan for a while. The game will make its way west in September with the free release of the RPG on PS4 on September 10, 2019.

The game takes place in the world of Lyarr, as you explore the vast expanses, fight monsters and even tame them. The game has a beautiful watercolor style and has all the ingredients of a great MMORPG, such as giant raids and even monsters that only happen at certain times of the day.

As for combat, it features a real-time turn-based combat system in which players recruit members of the group and monsters to fight the threats in the world.

You will have to build your perfect party of ranged attackers, casters, and defenders. Each role will have a unique playing style and each game will be unique thanks to more than 300 unique monsters to tame in the world.

The name "Stories of Caravans" is not just a string of random words. The game's "caravan system&…

Binance Takes On The Crusade For Crypto World Domination With A New Development Platform

Just days after the announcement of its digital asset lending platform, one of the world's largest cryptocurrency trading centers, Binance announced the launch of a new platform, this time for blockchain developers.

Yesterday, in a blog post, Binance laid the groundwork for its open-source development platform, dubbed "Binance X". It seems that the exchange sees this as an additional arrow in its quiver towards the target of massive adoption of the global cryptocurrency.

"At Binance, our long-term mission is to provide an infrastructure for free money," the company said in a message.

Essentially, "X" is an attempt to link all the development tools offered by the stock market. These include API access to the Exchange and Software Development Kits for its Trust Wallet application.

"Binance X's long-term goal is to create a thriving ecosystem of developers that break new ground in products and services that advance the cryptography ecosystem an…

Apple Just Announced That It Was doing Something It Had Never Done Before And That It's Great News For IPhone Owners

Apple is notoriously strict about its repair policies. In fact, it has recently begun to warn customers not to have their iPhone batteries replaced by third-party service technicians who do not belong to the Apple Certified Program. The company has also been a vocal opponent of the "right to repair" laws in states like California, which aim to give consumers the legal right to have their devices repaired without having to comply with the warranty requirements of the company. business.

But now, the company is doing something it has never done before: Apple has announced that it will allow independent repair companies to obtain official Apple parts, tools, and training materials to provide out-of-warranty services. These sites simply require at least one technician who has completed the Apple Free Certification Program to enroll in the free program and receive parts and tools at the same price as approved repair sites.

This means that the sites will not be able to provide ser…

See How Joaquin Phoenix's "Joker" Differ From Previous Versions?

Joaquin Phoenix's Joker trailer shows the character in a more sympathetic light, the protagonist of the story rather than the antagonistic antagonist of Batman.

Phoenix is ​​the last of a long line of actors who have each made the Joker, the character proving extremely malleable, ranging from wacky joker to "damaged" psychopath.

Let's take a look at the family tree of the Joker family and see where the closest resemblance is ...

Cesar Romero

Romero's ridiculous joker, Joker, is perhaps far removed from his modern incarnation as an intimidating mass murderer, but the Phoenix version claims an almost identical aesthetic, clearly a deliberate homage to Romero.

Of course, the Phoenix Joker has a more sinister appearance, helped by his traditional circus makeup, a visual impossible to dissociate horror movies, to the dismay of the World Clown Association (I did not even invent ).

Romero's campy portrait, however, is technically a more traditional version of the c…

The Casting Of Mythbusters Commemorates The Death Of Jessi Combs After Her Tragic Death

As the world continues to mourn the sudden and tragic loss of race car driver Jessi Combs, her former cast members at Mythbusters pay tribute to their late colleague.

"So sad to hear about Jessi. She was a tough guy. Always push the limits. Sending smiles into the universe for her, "tweeted Mythbusters host Kari Byron, whom Combs filled during her maternity leave in Season 7 of the series.

Adam Savage also shared his grief on Twitter by writing, "I am so sad that Jessi Combs was killed in an accident. She was a brilliant and overambitious builder, engineer, chauffeur, manufacturer, and science communicator, and was striving every day to encourage others by her prodigious example. She was also a colleague and we are less numerous because of her absence. "

"My heart goes to his family," he added in another tweet.

"I'm really sorry to hear about Jessi," wrote former Mythbuster star Grant Imahara on Twitter. "She was a builder and a talent…

"Why Do Not You Let That Die?" Tell The Story Of Emmett Till In Mississippi

A memorial was installed for the first time in 2008 to mark the location where 14-year-old Emmett Till was found in the Tallahatchie River in 1955 and repeatedly vandalized - shot dead. The panel was removed last month after the appearance of three brothers from the white fraternity of the University of Mississippi posing next to her with guns.

The civil rights guide, Jessie Jaynes-Diming, said it was painful to see.

"It would be the same if I had a Bible up there, or if I had the flag up there and you had raised it," she said.

Jaynes-Diming is part of the Emmett Till Memorial Commission that tries to preserve sites like this one. Till, a black teenager visiting Chicago, was brutally killed in Mississippi after allegedly violating Jim Crow's social norms. Murder has propelled the civil rights movement and its name is always invoked when innocent blood is shed in racial violence. But telling his story in the Mississippi Delta remains difficult.

"There has been a lot…

Brie Larson Covers Miley Cyrus '' Slide Away '' On Instagram, And Plays The Guitar!

Brie Larson is giving Miley Cyrus a run for her money!

The 29-year-old Captain Marvel star shared a video of herself singing Cyrus's "Slide Away" in her Instagram Stories on Tuesday. Larson sat near the camera in a green polka dot dress while playing his blue guitar and singing the lyrics.

"Once upon a time, it was paradise / Once upon a time, I was paralyzed / I think I'm going to miss these harbor lights," Larson sang. "But it's time to let it go / Once upon a time, it was made for us / I woke up one day, it had turned to dust / Baby, they found us, but now we're lost / So it's time to let it go."

This is not the first time Larson shows his singing skills. In May, the actress covered Ariana Grande's 2014 song "My Everything," which she shared in her Instagram stories at that time.

Before being an Oscar-winning actress and Marvel superhero, Larson had a brief but successful musical career. In the early 2000s, he got a r…